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First... I completely forgot in Saturday's post (although I didn't forget on Saturday) to send out a big Happy Birthday to my former-roomie, Megan! The lucky lady got a gorgeous day to celebrate on, so hopefully it was a great birthday.

Obviously we've had some excitement since then (look below if you missed my post from last night), but I wanted to tell you about the rest of my weekend... because it was really good. So! Sunday!

Well, it started off nice enough. I got in another long walk (see Saturdays post), which was a great way to start the day. Then I headed home, ate some breakfast, and got ready for the Baptism party. By the time we went to leave though... rain! The party was still great... lots of fun people, a gorgeous baby, great food. And it cleared up a bit towards the end. Here are a few pictures:

The handsome and ever-growing Aiden (with proud Gram).

He was pooped at the end, poor guy.

Looking at these also made an exciting, strange, surreal thought pop in my head. This past Mother's Day, it may well be the last one I spend without a child on the horizon... like in my belly. Wow.


On our way home we stopped by the Home Depot to pick up some mulch and a shovel... and I also ended up getting a beautiful orchid (and orchid feed), plus the pot to plant it in. While we were checking out, it started storming like crazy! Torrential rains, thunder, lightning, the works! Obviously nothing got mulched that evening!
And thanks to our little field trip to the ER last night, nothing got mulched then either (nothing got done at all!)! But tonight, hopefully!

Thanks to Trav though, the whole downstairs, except for stove top and kitchen floor is done (he was very productive before his "incident"... he vacumned/dusted for me since he had some free time... and he also made Mac & Yeasty Cheese! Yum!). The boy had off because we got our roof redone on Monday morning. It was time for a fix so we won't have anymore winter emergencies. Our guy was great though and took these pictures for us:



Much better!

Trav seems to be feeling okay this morning too... he took some Tylenol, cleaned his finger and rebandaged it. I think he's been having some trouble typing... and unfortunately he uses his left hand for the mouse, but otherwise he's not too much worse for wear!

Well, that's about all for now. I have to get back to work... there is a ton to do today. But I will leave you with one more thing... a quick video. This is humorous and the end is damn impress. Plus, these guys can truly say that, unlike the rest of us, they do not put their pants on one leg at a time:

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pictures of a beautifully mulched flowerbed, and a lovely planted orchid!



  1. I think I had a comment...and then I watched that video and now my mind is blank....ummmmm....OH YEAH! You're Baby!! Those LIPS. I love them. Such sweet lips.

  2. Lol, thanks, but not my baby)! My cousin-in-law's baby... sorry, it get's so long writing out "Trav's cousin's baby". :-) But yes, I love his little lips. He doesn't smile much yet, but when he does, it melts you!


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