101 in 1001 -- Complete!

I saw this on Jen's Go Green blog and it caught my attention. The idea is to pick 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days (2.75 years... aka June of 2011). They have to be attainable and easy to track.

Well, to be honest, I tried making that list and I had trouble getting 101 things! So, I'm going to start off with 81 things, and if I can come up with more things, then I'll add them along the way. (I'm going to keep calling this 101 in 1001 though, since that's the original game.) Anyway, I'm not saying that I'll actually keep this up for 2 years, but I think its a neat idea, so I'll definitely try!

Things in green are the items that are in progress.
Things in blue are completed items.
Things in purple are going to be completed, but after the June 2011 time frame.
Things in orange are just not going to happen anytime soon!!
(Check out the sidebar for a link so you can keep track of my progress.)

  1. go camping
  2. visit Trav's parents in AZ (going Fall '11!!)
  3. take a babymoon (Jim Thorpe... not exotic, but it worked!)
  4. visit a new state
  5. attend the Celtic Classic (fall '08, '10)
  6. go on a hayride (Oct. '08)
  7. see the Grand Canyon  (hopefully during our trip to Trav's parent's in Fall '11)
  8. plan something special for Trav's 30th!
  9. attend two pro football games (9/21/08 - Eagles vs. Steelers)
  10. see a Broadway show

  11. finish the guest bedroom
  12. start our family
  13. make a pregnancy scrapbook
  14. try to visit my grandparents mother at least once a year
  15. find a church to attend as family
  16. start at least one family tradition (cookie baking, bacon on Christmas morning... lol, Trav's idea)
  17. spend more time with Trav's family
  18. visit his brother and my uncle in Ohio (May '11, for Wyatt's birthday)
  19. make an Easter trip to DC (April '11)
  20. have playdates with Ro and baby
  21. go on one "Trav & Meg Only" date night every month, post baby
  22. visit Babs once at least once a year (got to see her four consecutive months!! '10 & '11)

  23. sort out clothes and donate ones I don't wear (9/08, 9/09, 10/10)
  24. buy three new "timeless" pieces (9/08 - my first pair of rain boots!, 8/09 - beautiful, simple brown suede boots, 10/10 - amazing LBD)
  25. try a new hair style (boy did I ever!)
  26. keep brows waxed

  27. pay off home equity line
  28. trade in Trav's car for (four door) "family vehicle"
  29. pay off Trav's new car
  30. build up savings by at least half

  31. complete 60 mile walk for breast cancer (Oct. 17-19 '08)
  32. keep in weight comfort zone
  33. walk every week
  34. buy a bicycle
  35. eat at least one veggie a day
  36. complete a 5k, try to run it (didn't run it... but walked it with a baby on my front and a backpack on my back!! 4.17.11)
  37. keep up to date on dentist visits (10/08)
  38. get a yearly check up with doctor

  39. go to an apple fruit festival in the fall (peach festival at Linvilla)
  40. try four new restaurants
  41. learn to make preserves/jam
  42. find a great bread recipe
  43. make at least one loaf of bread every fall
  44. make at least one meal from scratch a week

    Go Green
  45. attend an Earth Day event
  46. start composting
  47. investigate switching to renewable energy source
    (check here to see what kinds of green power are available in your area!)
  48. plant more flowers/bushes in the back yard(this one has been nixed since the pup likes to EAT and DESTROY anything I plant in the back yard!!)
  49. create a herb garden (inside or out) - (we have basil! its a start!)
  50. shop at farmers market at least 3 times a month for 4 months
  51. hang more clothes to dry
  52. switch all light bulbs (which are switchable) to compact fluorescents
    (go here to get one free!)

  53. replace floor in bathroom
  54. redo vanity and medicine cabinet in bathroom
  55. vacuum every other week
  56. pick one part of the house to clean each week
  57. remove wallpaper border from office
  58. repaint office

  59. reorganize closets
  60. declutter home office
  61. reorganize/clean out filing cabinets
  62. create scrapbook/photobook with high school pictures
  63. create scrapbook/photobook with college picture
  64. organize all other print pictures
  65. keep up to date with new print pictures
  66. do something with wedding dress
  67. sort all magazines and recycle at least half
  68. for every magazine I get and keep, recycle another
  69. finish transferring all recipes to new recipe box

    Personal Growth
  70. read 5 books from to read list
  71. take a class
  72. watch less TV, specifically while eating dinner

  73. keep office space cleaner (dust once a week, remove clutter daily)
  74. attend and really listen to at least two lectures a year (through work or not)

  75. blog at least three times a week
  76. vote!

  77. host a holiday dinner (Thanksgiving '08/'09)
  78. host a dinner party for two couples
  79. write more letters/notes (real letters, not emails)
  80. try to meet at least two new people (Andrew, Tally, Dave)
  81. go out to lunch or dinner with a friend(s) once a month

Wish me luck, here I go!

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  1. You should come visit me one weekend before I move out of NYC and we can cross Broadway Show off the list. :)


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