is it friday yet?

I did 5 miles last night and was very happy when it didn't rain on me. Not so happy with the pain I was feeling in my ankle (ironically, not the same ankle that gave me trouble earlier, although definitely the same type of pain). I iced my ankle and rested it for the rest of the evening though... so hopefully, if I'm careful, this won't turn into anything serious.

So what am I doing right now? Well reading some online articles and sending them to people to enjoy. And saving ones like this (about the scary state of our school system) in my folder on "family stuff". Why? Maybe because its a good article that will remind me what I really want to fight for with my own kids when it comes to that time. Novel things like "free time" and "recess". Giving a high priority to school, but not above the enjoyment of life and their childhood!
Or maybe I'm saving it to print out for later, because I still enjoy reading scary stories at night before settling into bed. It makes the getting up to pee at 3am so much more exciting.

I'm also looking forward to a few things... priming our walls tonight (really!), the Lehigh vs. Villanova football game this weekend (which we're attending), the Eagles vs. Steelers football game next weekend (which we're also attending!), the beginning of Autumn in less then 2 weeks, and the Celtic Classic in just over two weeks. It makes it harder to be at work, when I want to be any of those other places. Although I do have a work event to look forward to... a just confirmed conference in Las Vegas, but that's not until March.

In other exciting news Ro & Pat had another ultrasound yesterday where they not only got to see their baby (still looking good and growing well), but also found out what "type" of baby they are having (of the pink or blue variety, that is). I was so excited to find out that I'm going to be the "Auntie" of a bouncing baby GIRL! :-) Little Gabrielle Grace S******** will be here in less then 21 short weeks! Ro & Pat are thrilled, and I couldn't be happier for them.

Well, I have to get back to work... lots to do!

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