things i forgot to mention

  • So the sun (vitamin D!) and lovely air of the Cape might have something to do with it, but the switch to baby-safe face stuff went well! It's been a week and my face has not, in fact, exploded into a mess... at most there are a few spots that seem disgruntled (the crease on either side of my nose, my chin). I can do disgruntled.

  • TMI: I had my first post-IUD period and it was fabulous! 4 days (not 6)! And two days of twinges instead of four to six days of fetal-position cramps! This I can totally do.

  • A big ole Congratulations to George & Barb, who were married on the 31st. We unfortunately were unable to attend, since it was in Disney, but we're waiting on the report and pictures from Ro & Pat.

  • I'm so sick of politics at the moment... of the name-calling and the bashing. I just want this election to be over already. But at the same time I am so nervous for what that means, for what the outcome of the election will be. You know when you are waiting for the big game to start and you have that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, because you want your team to win so badly? I have that feeling, except it is worse, so much worse... because this is so much bigger. This isn't a game, this is our countries future!

    This is MY American Prayer:

    The part where MLK speaks makes me tear a little, especially when he says "I may not get there with you..." Great vid.

Otherwise, life is back to normal... work yesterday was busy busy, but at least it made the day go fast. I got my boobie shirts in the mail, so I'll try to snap some shots of them. I walked last night (it got dark before i was done! which is weird...) and Trav stopped at the store to stock us back up. After dinner we just relaxed... watched some X-files, then headed to bed since we were both exhausted.

Tonight we'll pop by Ro & Pat's to check on the cat since they are away because of a death in the family. I might try to walk again since I can't tomorrow, and it's the season premier of Bones! So dumb, but I'm psyched to see what happens without Zach around.

Now its back to work again, since I still have a ton to do! Ta-ta!

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