work to forget the pain ;-)

To refresh your memory, this is the corner of the ceiling right after we patched it:

And this is the ceiling now, after last night... freshly repainted:

There is really nothing to notice about most of the ceiling, its just white (although slightly brighter then the old stuff)... but at least now that patched part is the same color as the rest of the ceiling. (Also ignore the funny shadows, one of the light bulbs in the old fixture burned out.)
It actually didn't take long at all either... about an hour of work.

Tonight, we were going to prime the walls... but we're supposed to get spades of thunderstorms! So we'll probably hold off until tomorrow night when its supposed to be nice. But we're moving right along again! Yay!

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  1. Oh boy. We've been getting scads of rain from these hurricanes... I'm just waiting to patch my ceiling. :) Fingers crossed.


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