tgif, seriously.

Last night Trav didn't get home until very late because it was his company's annual trip to a baseball game. He had a great time and while helping his coworker pick out something, bought me a cute pair of Phillies socks with P's and four leaf clovers on them (which I found this morning... I was so very much in bed when he got home). I entertained myself by doing that elusive first coat of primer! It actually went fast and pretty easy considering that the first coat of primer never seems to go on too nicely (is that just me? or do you notice that too?). We'll definitely need another coat, but that's fine... the second one always goes on easier and smoother. We should get that done this weekend, but I'm not sure if we'll get all the painting done. Maybe we can get the second coat of primer and the first coat of paint. It depends on timing, since we will be out tonight to visit with Ro & Pat and some college friends visiting from out of town, plus Saturday we're heading to the Lehigh vs. Villanova football game.

At this point I am so ready to be done with the guest bedroom. We were gumptious with it, sure, but we've just had a lot of crap luck too... and at every step it seems, we've had something go wrong to make it just hard enough to be a bit more then we can handle. Its frustrating and demoralizing, especially when all we wanted was a nice room to eventually bring a baby home to, and for our friends/family to stay in when they visit. We wanted to do a little more then just slap up a coat of paint. So far the messy and time consuming task of taking down the popcorn ceiling was completely done away with when we realized that the old plaster ceilings wouldn't give up its coating without coming down with it. Then the simple removal and replacing of the baseboards resulted in the crumbling of much plaster and therefore the addition of a time consuming patch job. Most recently (and the reason we didn't prime Wednesday night like I had said we would), we determined that the person who put up the old light fixture didn't so much attach the electric box to the main ceiling beam as, i don't know what, plaster it up? It certainly is no where near strong enough to hold up a ceiling fan, and we can't figure a way to remove it without destroying a lot of surrounding ceiling. Plus, even if we could remove the old box, it doesn't seem like we could attach the new electric box to anything that could hold up a ceiling fan, at least without moving the hole and cutting up more of our ceiling. So tonight on our way to visit Ro & Pat, we're swinging by the Lowe's again and trading in our ceiling fan for a plain, (light-weight) light fixture. So far the only thing that has gone right in the back bedroom is that the floors under the carpet are nice... and I'm pretty much ready for another break here.

I just keep trying to remind myself that it will all be worth it in the end, if we can just get this room done so it looks nice. But at this point I just want to be done with it. Period.
With no more setbacks! Is that too much to ask?

Honestly, if someone came knocking on our door and wanted to buy our house, I couldn't be out of there fast enough. I'm so frustrated and annoyed with the stupid, rundown, old monstrocity!

But that's enough of that. Right now I'm going to get back to work and focus on the positive, like a great weekend ahead with Trav and our friends! Hope you have a good one.

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