post 3-day advice (updated)

So, can I tell you how happy I will be to do the 3-day and be done with it?! I really am excited for the walk itself, but I Can. Not. Wait. until October 20th, when I wake up knowing that I don't HAVE to walk ever again, unless I want to! So excited for that.

But here's what I'm worried about:
I am currently in my "happy zone" for weight. In fact, when I went to the doc the last time I was at my "happy weight"... and more importantly, I feel really good. Now I certainly do plan to keep walking post-3D, but I'll probably take a week or so off afterward, and when I return I will not be doing the 30-40 miles a week I've ramped up to. I'll be doing sometime a lot more realistic, like 10-15. And honestly, I don't want to do a ramp down on the miles that takes weeks. I just don't think I have the will power for that. So!

How do I keep from packing on a whole bunch of pounds in the few weeks following the walk?

After that I think I should be okay as 1) I'll probably be walking regularly again (though, like I said, a lot less), and 2) my body will have had a chance to adjust to its new calorie needs. But for a few weeks after I'm sure I'll still be wanting to eat at the higher rate I'm currently eating at... while not burning all the calories I'm currently burning. Any ideas? Suggestions?

I'm considering a juice feast for maybe a week(ish) post walk... but we'll see if I can actually do that. Maybe something more modified like a 36 hour fast (with high water and juice intake), then nothing but fruits and veggies (plus tons of liquids) for another 4 or so days. Then eating my normal foods after that, but with a big eye on serving sizes.
My problem is that my body is great at adjusting the appetite up, but not so great at bringing it back down when the extra food isn't needed. I am programed to eat! I've always had a big appetite. And boy do I love me some food. Cooking it, eating it, looking at it... I just love it.

Anyway, I really am interested in any advice... because I've felt really good since I've started training for the walk and I don't want to lose it! I want to keep the healthy body and happy size going.

As an aside: Is it a good thing that I'm not worrying about the 3-day itself anymore... but about what's going to happen after? I think so. I'm feeling very confident!

Here is a picture of my lunch today. Just to give an idea of how much I really can consume! (Ignore the messy desk.)

(That would be three sandwich halves: one tuna, one beef, one turkey. Plus a handful of chips and a cookie.)

(That would be a plate FULL of really good salad with mozzarella on it, plus this AMAZING green dressing that I don't know exactly what it is. Love that salad! Plus a slice of pineapple... I had already eaten another slice, plus some raspberries and a strawberry.)

Ps. Look below for my big post, from kind of later yesterday, with all the things I'm going to do! For the next two years! Fun!

(I already have a lot of plans. Including a hayride for Trav & my anny... which we are both really excited for! And a date with my mom planned for May/June of '09, when we are going to make preserves! Yippee!)

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  1. all I have to say is yum and that i am totally making those next week! I love mexican food and this should be a good change from my taco rut!


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