where to start?

Where do I even start? Its been crazy since I last wrote.
Thursday we went out to dinner, since we had a gift certificate to a nice local restaurant. We had the biggest dessert ever. :-) We didn't get home until about 7:30, but I still needed to walk. So I changed and got all ready, and left the house about 7:55. It was actually really nice out, cool and clear night. I like walking when there is no one around and its quiet. I did my 6 miles easily and was home about 9:40.

Friday was overwhelming. It turned out fine, but it started off with a dream about how everything for the event went wrong. Then I was running late and only barely made my train. Then when I got to work, I realized that how I thought we were doing the event was not actually how we were doing the event. Then the conference group we use was having online troubles and once they were fixed, we had laptop troubles! It was a little stressful... but, like always, it turned out fine. Thankfully. Of course then we had to redo the packets we made for our Sunday - Wednesday event, and finish the last minute details for that, while not being able to use the library. But, it all got done in the end.

Friday night we "relaxed" by painting!

We got both coats done, which was great. And it looks so nice! It's a different room already.

Now we just have to clean up so we can buff-up the floor, then put up the wainscoting, then paint the trim (which will come last since the wainscoting is being done the same color, and Trav would rather paint it while its up)... then I get to put up my polka dots, move furniture in and we are done!

Saturday morning dawned bright and early. Way too early. And actually, not bright at all when I left the house at 6:30. Dark. And freezing. Ugh. This was the most intensive weekend yet for training... 18 miles on Saturday and 15 on Sunday. Since it is always so much easier to do long walks like that with someone, I signed up for an official training walk... which Kate (my tuesday training partner) picked me up for. It went fine, although it was a bit longer then I thought it would be. It's hard walking with 30 other people, and having to stop when anyone needs it... bathroom breaks, stretching, food. But we got through and although sore, I felt pretty good afterward. That night was definitely for relaxing though, so Trav and I laid around and watched Juno. I also slept like a log that night!

Sunday too dawned early early early. Kate was supposed to pick me up again for the 15 mile walk, but ended up sleeping through her alarm! So when 6:50 rolled around and I still hadn't received any replies to my texts, I headed out without her. And since I really didn't know how to get to the walk site for the day, and was already running late, I just went to my normal Ridley Creek loop. It was a great decision. I had never been there that early. Its even more quiet and peaceful then normal. And at this time of year... very brisk! I saw a deer, a hawk, and a few ducks... all from just a few yards away. I did my 15 and was home before 1... giving me plenty of time to get ready for part two of my day, the Eagles game!

We've been looking forward to this for quite a while... and it was a great game for Eagles fans.

I did feel badly for Trav though, and didn't trash talk at all! It's hard to watch your QB get sacked nine times.

Oh, and a close up of his shirt (one the the breast cancer ones I ordered before):
(It says "Real Men... love breasts wear pink and support breast cancer research)

I did make him take my picture post game though:
Now I'm about to go hop in bed and get some hopefully good sleep before I have to do a conference for work tomorrow, tuesday, and wednesday. At least tomorrow does have one very special thing about it:

It's the first day of Fall, y'all!!

Woo-hoo! My favorite time of year is here. I put up my cute fall decoration in the front bed before we left today. And on Wednesday I decorated my office a little:

(See all my lovely plants... my orchid, my aloe, and my philodendron[?].)

I'm ready!

Well, now off to bed for me. I'm exhausted. See you Wednesday? Thursday?


  1. The iggles picks and the Breast shirt are awesome.

  2. Good job on the walking I am very impressed. Glad someone had a football day. I think we will begin to wear black on sundays this season. It is going to be a long season a very long season.

  3. ooh, i love that room color! if i were to paint my craft room, it'd be that color :)


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