a doozy!

Well, what a doozy of a weekend! Really, between all the cooking we did, the crazy weather, etc... there was not a dull moment to be had. Though plenty of damp ones. Ugh.

Above... the doppler at 9:50am (Saturday), just starting to hit us.
But I had 17 miles to walk people, so out I went! It was only drizzling when I left, and I've walked in drizzle... no biggy. And of course I took my phone in my little pack, because that's what a responsible person does when they will be walking alone. In case something happens.

Can you see where this is going?!
The rain, the wind, the humidity (it actually hit 100%!!)... it was a bit crazy. And I walked in it (I actually only got 9 of those 17 miles, but I was impressed with my fortitude!).
I don't know if I should be proud, or if I should beat my head against the wall a few times.

And this is the new phone I got this morning, since my other one is so very very dead (drowned):

It's okay. I like it so far, I guess. I really miss my lovely blue Razr (and all my pictures, and phone numbers, and ringtones...), but the new Razrs are ex-pen-sive! Gah, I'm getting all verklempt about it.
Note to self... next time you are a block away from home and realize you forgot to stick your phone in a plastic sandwich baggy when there is a nor'easter on the way: TURN AROUND.

If anyone reads this and thinks I should have their number, call/txt/email me, because I don't have it anymore!

On a nicer note, we had some great food this weekend! The kind that keeps you going after a viscious blow, like destroying your phone.
Friday we had some surf and turf! That is a lovely grilled steak covered in nicely browned onions and garlic... and that thing that looks like an overgrown shrimp is actually a little lobster tail! Its bigger then it looks, it was just curled up on its side. Throw in some peas and some garlic bread, and it was a bit of heaven.

And you have to have some nice wine to go with it! This is one of the bottles we got the other weekend, and it is goooood.

Then Saturday night we pulled out a pork loin (pre-marinaded) to bake up... so moist and delish!

Mmm, I love food.

So Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day following the craziness that was Saturday. I met Ro to go for a walk. Here she is at 19weeks. Love the belly.

We did a loop together (5-miles), then Ro headed home while I did two more loops plus a few miles (with a break for a sandwich), for a total of 17. So at least I did get my 17 in at some point!

The rest of the day was full of X-files and relaxing. But tonight Trav & I have a date with the guest bedroom!

In the meantime, back to work for me.

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