ahh, friday

Last night I went for a walk, 5 miles, and it was just the perfect evening for it. In the 70s, mild, beautiful sunset, birds chirping. It was lovely. A great way to end my day. I might end up walking more post-walk then I previously thought I would. At least if all my walks can be so relaxing. I think I've actually gotten to the point where my body craves them... if I don't walk for a few days my legs get sore, crampy... they need to get out and move. I think that's a good thing, something to keep me moving afterwards.

This morning I caught a preview of the Twilight movie (I finished the whole book series, really like how it ended), coming out in November. I think I might have to go see it... although, I'm not sure how I feel about the actor who played Cedric in Harry Potter playing Edward in Twilight. He's cute, but not at all what I pictured for Edward. In HP I felt like every role was so perfectly filled (that actor was the perfect Cedric!), that each character was exactly what I thought they would be. I'll have to reserve judgement until after I see the movie, but Twilight doesn't look like it does that quite as well. I shouldn't compare, but its hard not to when its one of the same actors! Anyway, here's the trailer for Twilight, if you're interested:

Another thing I stumbled on this morning, my girl Angie is on the cover of W!:

I think this is just such a lovely, real, beautiful, natural picture. She's tired, exhausted, and gorgeous... with a baby on the boob. Kuddos to W for putting this pic front and center, and props to Angie for being brave enough to let them. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Anway, I'm so glad its Friday now. I'm looking forward to (hopefully!!) some sleeping in the next two days. Maybe (well, another hopefully!) Sunday we can work on the wainscoting. And we'll be celebrating our anniversary!

Should be a relaxing weekend though, not too much going on... which is nice considering we've had some busy weekends recently. For now though, just have to get through Friday.

Have a great weekend!

PS. For those of you in Cali, Vote No on Prop 8!! :

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