weekend recap: hairy edition

So, I dyed my hair this weekend... I'm really happy with it too.

First, a pick from pre-summer (natural color, I think):

Then here is right before I went to get it colored... its hard to tell from these pictures, but it really is a bit lighter here. Lots of time in the sun over the past few months!

And here it is post coloring:

(This picture makes it look almost black, but it is brown!)

And one from today in different lighting (sorry for the crappy cell phone shot):

I lurve it. Trav and Ro and Jan do too... so I'm satisfied that I don't look like a freak. ;-)

As for the rest of the weekend. Well, Saturday was the hair appointment... I walked first thing when I woke up (8 miles), then we headed up, dropped Trav at Lehigh, went to my parents' and my hair appointment, then back to Lehigh. We were supposed to see our friend Johnson, one of my favorite Psi U alum, but didn't realize when he said that he was going to be there on Saturday, he meant 9pm on Saturday! Bah. So we left around 7:30ish after getting dinner at our favorite wings place. Me with a killer headache, and both of us exhausted. We got home around 9 and were right in bed. And I managed to sleep until 8! 11 hours! Apparently I needed some sleep.

Sunday I headed to the state park, and was there by 9. I did one loop by myself, then met Ro for another loop, then we stopped for a lunch break. She joined me for another loop after which she headed home and did my last 3 miles for a total of 18.

Here are two pictures I snapped during my walk... first Ro at 23 weeks after our lunch stop:

I think she looks adorable. She's feeling Gabby move all the time now, and thinks that people should be able to feel her kicking on the outside soon.

Next an adorable group of duckies... do you think they could be my duckies?

Trav thinks they look too big for only a few months of growth, but I think ducks are like humans in that you blink and suddenly they're all grown up. ;-)

Anyway, all that walking really killed most of my day. After that I just went home and relaxed and read a lot (that's when Trav took those pics above of my hair, while I was reading the night away). I'm working my way through the Twilight books... they're not bad, a little juvenile (I think they're really written for tweens), but the story sucks you in. I'm on the last one and eager to see how things end up.

In anycase, here it is Monday morning and I'm not quite ready to face the week. I really want to be curled up at home in my chair reading (they really suck you in). I slept badly last night (due in part to someone calling at midnight! who does that?!) which doesn't help a Monday start off any smoother. Plus we have an event today, which though technically I'm not running... really I have to make sure the other girl gets everything started right. Ugh. So off to face my day.

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