it only took 25 years!

Last night I fell asleep to a symphony of car horns, cheers, and fireworks. If you didn't know... the Phillies won the World Series baby!!!!!! Philadelphia's first national level championship in 25 years! Honestly, I'm not a baseball fan for the most part... I enjoy going to the occasional game, but don't usually watch it on TV. Last night I had to make the exception, and I'm so glad I did. Baseball fan or not, its awesome to watch your city get a championship! Of course, you have to love Philly since I woke up to news of small-scale looting and vandalism!

In other news... did everyone watch Obama's commercial? I'll be honest, I missed it. I meant to watch it... then just lost track of time. If you're like me, then you can view the first minute of his broadcast here... and below I have a few minute vid of "highlights".

Highlights of Obama's TV ad

Well, anyway, I should get back to work... but I just wanted to pop in to share. Halloween and Phillies parade tomorrow! Doing anything?


  1. 25 years?! That's nothing! As a Red Sox fan it was 86 that is a wait! Congrats on the World Series win and enjoy!

  2. Lol, true... but that was 25 years since any Philly team won, not just the Phillies. We're the only city with all four major sports teams, which has reached the collective 100 seasons without a championship.

    It's pretty funny that our win finally came from the "losingest team" in pro sports history!


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