are you registered to vote?

If not, you should be (watch! really, this is great! and nonpartisan!):

We have an event today that I'm nervous about. Same old story. Hate that I never get over the nerves for these... and am so thankful that two of the three events we have left this month aren't in office, but at another location. So much easier for me not to have to be the IT person. As I said, same old story!

Today though, its combined with a tight little pit in the bottom of my stomach while I ache for Ms. Blue and a thing that's troubling her. Its something I pray I never have to face, and don't know what I would do if it did come to that. Maybe that's the real clencher... putting myself in her beautiful shoes. Achy achy.

In nicer new, yesterday's dentist appointment went fine. And super quickly too, definitely a plus. I managed to get a bunch done last night too. Wrapped Trav's anny gifts, filled out some cards, put stickers on Ro's baby shower favors, walked 6 miles, and did the laundry. I love being productive... although it was hard last night getting myself out to walk. It definitely took some extra internal encouragement. Two weeks to go!!

Okay, time to get to this. Have a great weekend!

Ps. VP Debate Fact Check Here. Very interesting.
I didn't watch the whole thing, but I thought both VPs did well. Palin seemed to hold her own a lot better then her other TV times of late. Biden was definitely touching when he discussed his fam.

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