Last night I had the most vivid dreams that I tested and got a positive pregnancy test (bfp). This morning I woke up, and it felt so real that when I went to the bathroom and grabbed the box with the tests in it... I half expected it to be open already. It wasn't, of course. And when I tested, I got a bfn... you couldn't have a more blank snow white area where that second line would/should have been.

Quite frankly, I'm really bummed. It might be a bit early (if I ovulated late, which I might have... the signs were a bit ambiguous this month), but its hard not to think it is over. I guess its just a matter of waiting for the period now, then going from there.

Our time will come, but I really thought this month...

Update: Ouch... just visited a blog I go to everyday (Alice, in the sidebar) and she is apparently pregnant with her 4th. Due July 7th, the same day I would have been due had we gotten our positive this morning. That stings a little. :-(

*BFN = big, fat negative (on a pregnancy test)

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