tense times and happy happenings

Dentist appt this afternoon, which I'm none too happy about (but dental health is very important people!). For some reason the dentist really freaks me out. I'm not sure why since I've never really had a bad time there... I've only ever had one cavity, ever... and never had to have anything worse done then that one filling. But when I go, the same thing happens every time... I'm tense for the whole visit, just waiting for something painful to happen. So tense that I often leave with sore muscles. No fun.

But that will all be over in less then 5 hours. Then I get to not think about it again for another 6 months. Anyone else unnecessarily unnerved by the dentist?

As far as things I'm actually looking forward to... Trav and I talked, then I discussed with my parents, and its official that we'll be hosting our first holiday dinner this year! Thanksgiving no less! I'm actually really psyched about that. By then our guest bedroom should be finished, and the rest of our house out of the state of disarray that its currently in while all our guest bedroom stuff is scattered throughout the house. I'm sure I'll be using and abusing my mom's help while they're down here, but I'm excited for a cozy family dinner in our place. :-)

Tonight I'm looking forward to a little alone time since Trav will be heading out to dinner with some coworkers to entertain some visiting managers. I have a list of things I'm hoping to do, but we'll see what I actually accomplish since I need to walk as well. Two weeks, three days until my walk is done and I never have to walk unless I want to again. Wowza.

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