why are the short weeks always so long?

It seems like every time I have a four-day work week, it just drags on and on. Why is that? Anyway, the week is almost over now... and I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend and seeing some friends that I haven't seen in a while (Brian & Stacey on Saturday, Megan on Sunday). Very fun.

The week itself has been both busy and lazy. Work has definitely been busy, and I have tons to do everyday... but the nights are lazy lazy lazy. I don't really feel like doing much of anything, so its just relaxing and watching the boob tube. Last night Trav and I did go for a walk, just a short one... maybe 2 miles? It felt really good, and I definitely want to walk this weekend.

Otherwise, life is really back to normal. I did get a few more pictures to share from the 3-day, courtesy of my mom:

When the survivors walked in, after the walkers and crew, we all raised a shoe to honor them. Since ever step we took was for them.

So happy to take my shoes off!! :-)

Katie and I (in our victory shirts), its all over!

Well, sorry so short, but have to get back to the grind!! Thanks for all your congratulations!

Ps. David Sedaris, farkin hilarious! (Not political, promise.):

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