surprise day off!

I found myself with a surprise day off today, since the big boss decided yesterday afternoon to close the office today in honor of "St. Phil". ;-) Since we were all going to be going out the the parade anyway, he just decided to give us the whole day. I'm psyched! I already slept in a little (just to 8, but that's a whole extra hour!)... and have played around online... now I'm going to go get showered, dressed, ready for the day. Then eat some breakfast and hop a train into the city. I'll meet up with one of my coworkers there to see her adorable son all dressed up for Halloween, then see the parade (or, see if we can get close enough to actually see the parade!), then come home and get ready for our trick or treaters. What a nice way to spend a friday!

Well, I'm off to get my day started! Have a great day and a Happy Halloween ya'll!!!

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