11 months

Dear Gwenie,
I can't believe that my baby is only a month away from her first birthday?! How... when... I just... its not possible! But, its the truth, whether I'm ready to accept it or not. So quickly the time goes. Especially when we are busy, and boy has this past month been busy. There was Christmas and New Years, such wonderful holidays to share with you. There was your daddy's broken hand, which made everything a little more hectic too. But things are slowing back down now, and I'm hoping this next month... your last one as an infant, will go a little slower!

You are getting to be such a big girl, Gwenie. You are so close to walking... you take steps here and there, between objects, and are always cruising along the furniture. Its not long now before you're going to be running circles around me. You also have two teeth now, and the two on the bottom are poised to pop through anytime (I can see the white just below the surface). These two teeth have given us some issues at night, so I'm ready for them to just come out already, as I'm sure you are too!

Oh sleep. Our continued rollercoaster ride! You've been sleeping not so well for a while now. But out of the blue you gave us a great night... slept straight through until 4:30, then in bed with us until 6. That was wonderful, and as your Mama is ever hopeful, I'm crossing my fingers that it means lots of better sleep is on the horizon!

Something that you're great at and we never have to worry about... eating! Girl, you love food, and you love healthy food which is so good. You always give new things a try, and even if you don't love them right away, you normally come around to them after a few tastes. We're also still breastfeeding, and you still love that too. You might be my teeny peanut, but I know you're getting enough good stuff between your three meals a day (plus snacks sometimes too), and 5+ nursing sessions/bottles.

You are my fun, happy girl and I love the sense of humor that's really starting to show. You have such a great giggle, and the sweetest smile.

We started a new weekend tradition this month. Showers with Mama! Lol. Its actually a lot of fun... and a bit easier to fit into our busy weekends then baths are. You love grabbing at the falling water and when I tickle your toes with the spray. I love ease of cleaning and another excuse to snuggle you close. Its win-win.

Gwenivere, the whens, wheres, and whos have been figured out for your first birthday party, and we're just working on making up the details. These past 11 months have been some of the most amazing, trying, fun, exhausting, and love-filled months of my life. I'm not ready to be done with the first year, but I know that each year is going to be full of new experiences, new milestones, and lots of love and giggles. I can't wait to go through it all with you.

Love you more each day,

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  1. haha to the last picture of her holding her socks. Liam's favorite thing to do it take his socks off and eat them!


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