snow day

Thought I would take advantage of this:
(Little aside... my baby, napping, NOT on me! Yay!)

which I get to be home to see, thanks to this:

to come here and say Hi.

Its been snowy lately. I took this picture, oh, a week ago or so?

And yesterday morning looked like this:

Gross, heavy, blowing snow. But we still all headed out to work/daycare.
But that wasn't even the big storm, which came last night around dinner time, and didn't stop until early this morning. It left about a foot behind: 

Gwen and I headed outside this morning to check it out:

She seemed... well, not too sure what all the big fuss was about!

Afterward we came inside to play. Gwen and Daisy did some snuggling:

Gwen loves to give Daisy hugs, and goes "Awwww":

Its really sweet.

Now we're about to get on with the rest of our afternoon. I'm sure we'll be back to work and school tomorrow... but its nice having the reprise.  :-) 

This weekend we have fun things in store. An engagement party on Saturday evening, and my mom is coming down to babysit... so we'll probably do a bigger breakfast on Sunday. Saturday is also Willy's birthday, so we might stop by to see him in the morning.

For now though, I'm off to get some lunch with my waking babe. Enjoy your Thursday!

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