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Its the new year, and I have no resolutions. I didn't have one last year either... how could I when instead I was frantically crossing things off an all too real list of things to get done before baby's eminent arrival!! ;-)  But I do have some very general goals for the year, and I'm going to share them with you:

  1. Pare down clothes and "stuff". We have way too much junk, and I hate the house feeling so cluttered. So... continue to declutter. Give things to the Purple Heart, or toss/recycle whatever is too beat up for others to use. Get it to the point that we aren't bursting at the seams!

  2. In the same vein, get more organized with what we do have! There are a few things that I know I have, but don't know where they are. Frustrating to no end.

  3. Have more sex. Seriously, Trav is a saint sometimes. Between staggered bedtimes and lack of sleep and waking baby, sex has fallen way down on our lists of things we do. It needs to be bumped up.

  4. Eat more greens, and more variety. Gwen eats better then I do... which is great, but also not so much since I need to be a good example to her. And I need it to be the best, healthiest me I can be.

  5. Similarly, make more homemade yummy foods... like this:
    Balsamic chicken with onion and garlic, over egg noodles, with broccoli. So dang good, and pretty darn easy and quick too. I tied Gwen on my back and we made it together in a half hour. Probably would have been quicker if I hadn't sliced my finger in the process of cutting the onion (our new knives are sharp!!!!!!). 

So there you have it. My general aims and goals... not just because its the new year, but because these are what I need anyway.

What are you going to work on in 2011?

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    1. Thoase are great goals for the year! I also want to take better care of myself, set a better example for the girls. Happy 2011!


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