walking and giggles

So! Its Monday (boo), but I had really nice weekend (yay). Got my hair trimmed on Saturday, so Gwen and I got to see my parents and Gram. Always fun. Sunday we were lazy lazy and just relaxed around the house for the most part.

We did work on our walking some:

Apparently her and dada practice most mornings.  :-)  Too cute.

Gwen is still working on teeth, which is no fun, but she's been sleeping better lately thanks to some teething tablets and some tyl.enol.

Also, I finally have some pictures to share of my birthday banner creativity... no finished product yet, but here's some of the stages.

Letter templates cut out:

I traced those (backwards) onto the back of self adhering felt, then cut that out:

My felt letters got attached to pretty paper that I had cut out and mounted on card stock:

A closer view of one of the papers:

I've punched holes in all the cards, and by the end of the week I should have it all attached to the ribbon. I'm pretty pleased with it so far, though obviously I'm dying to see the finished product. Finished pictures to come.

Also, one final thing to share before I get back to work. I've been seeing lots of miscarriage/babyloss on the internet lately. It got me thinking about my own. Two years ago I was pregnant and blissfully naive about how that pregnancy would turn out. Its not that I didn't know a miscarriage was possible, I just didn't think it would happen to me. I thought I would share this article that someone shared with me (Hi Lydia, sorry for the delay!) about dealing with miscarriage. Hopefully you never need to read it, but now its out there in case you or anyone you know does need it.

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  1. I know I already said this, but I love the birthday banner already. :-)

    Thanks for posting the miscarriage article. I wish no one ever had need to read it, but it looks like good tips for those who have already or someday will.


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