First off, thank you *all* for your comments on my sleep post. I really appreciate every single one of them. The currently-there-commiserating is great, the advice is great, and its definitely great to read the ones from people with older kids who've been there, done that. Even the tough love is great because I know its coming from a place of caring.

Sleep this weekend wasn't great, but I think at least part of that was because of more teething (for real, not an excuse, I swear!! Lol)... I am pretty sure I can feel the edge of one of the bottom two middle teeth. I guess we'll see if anything pops out in the next week or so.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was nice. Saturday we were supposed to head to Willy's, but the snow started early, so we decided to stay home. We had some yogurt for lunch and Gwen practiced with the spoon. This was really her first time using it herself, and she loved it. I filled up the spoon for her the first time, and handed it to her...  

She loved sucking the yogurt off the end, and then I would help her scoop up more.


Later, we took advantage of a break in the snow to go for a walk. It was cold, but refreshing. We got all bundled up, and by the end, Gwen snuggled into my chest and went to sleep. (Please excuse the fact that I look weirdly Cas.per like...)

My sweet thing. She actually stayed asleep while I unwrapped us, half-woke briefly when I took her coat off, but then ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap!! Nothing like a little fresh air to help you sleep well!

Sunday we headed to Willy's for a bit, with a pit stop at the mall to use some gift cards. It was a nice day. It was a nice weekend too. I'm enjoying this calm that comes when the holidays are over and the new year is stretching before you. It feels like everyone takes a breather this first week or two.

Now its back to work and back to busyness... though not too bad this week, I think things have slowed down a little and I've gotten a hold on my new level of work. Not that I don't dream everyday of Jan's return!!  ;-)

And with that, I'm off!

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