Its super quiet today as everyone is in DC for a conference. There are literally 4 of us here. So Eli (who has the office attached to mine) and I are listening to the soundtrack to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And singing along. Because how can you not?!  :-)

I'm a bit tired... Gwen is getting 4 teeth in and she is miserable at night, and fussier during the day then normal. Two nights ago we ran out of teething tabs. That was a bad night. No fun. She ended up in bed with us at 11:30!! Though I did sleep pretty well with her there.

I've been keeping busy at work, and keeping busy at home too. Right now I'm working on a birthday banner for Gwen (pictures to come). After that, I'll start working on some more creative stuff for a "craft it forward" thing I'm doing. I have four people to make crafty things for... though I still have to make the final decision on what exactly those crafty things will be. Two people have dogs, so I might make them some of our dog biscuits. I was looking at a neat jewelry craft make with shrink plastic, and a hanging chalkboard thing. We'll see, but I'll show you whatever I end up making!!

Otherwise life continues on as normal. I really enjoyed my three day weekend this past week, including my Monday with just Gwen and I. The shorter week is nice too. Only a little over a week left in January, I can't believe it.

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