babybook style roundup

At 11 months Gwen is:
  • just into size 3 diapers
  • still wearing 6 - 9 month clothes
  • has two teeth with FOUR more on their way out (visible just below the surface)
  • says - Hi, Daisy, Mama, Dada, No, Yes, That (dat!)
  • uses some words in combination - Hi Daisy, Hi Dada
  • understands the signs for "more" and "all done", and uses sporadically 
  • understands and responds to simple requests (Gwen, can I have the sock?)
  • can climb up and down the stairs
  • knows to turn around and slide feet first off the couch/chairs
  • dances to music
  • claps along when you sing to her, or when something is exciting (yay!)
  • gives hugs and says "awww" 
  • gives kisses 
  • stands up without assistance (human or furniture)
  • walks with a little assistance (along furniture, with a hand, with a push toy)
  • takes a few steps unassisted 
  • is familiar with her routine and gets excited for things that are about to happen
    (ex. on weekend mornings Trav lets me sleep in... when Gwen wakes and is fed, Trav goes to the bathroom and puts on warm clothes, then comes back for Gwen. as soon as he gets up to get dressed, she starts bouncing up and down with a smile on her face, babbling about dada!)
  • holds a sippy cup and drinks from it on her own
  • is working on using a spoon on her own (she can... its just messy!!)
Just a few things Gwen is doing at this age that I want to remember! Probably exciting to no one but me, but at least I have it down for the record.  :-) 

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