starting on the goals *updated*

I had trouble getting back into the swing of things on Monday and Tuesday. I think part of me was still on holiday.  ;-)  But today I've made up for it with a burst of super productivity!! I good thing since I didn't win the Me.gaMil.lions jackpot last night. (Damn.)

I'm sure it helped that Jan was in today and took on a few small tasks to help me work through my pile. It was a great motivator to get tons done.

In completely unrelated news, I'm hoping that I can use THIS to start on my goal of decluttering and organizing my closet. Maybe this weekend or next. Talk about a well-timed post.

Sorry for such a short, content-less post, but I have to run back to work... must take advantage of this productiveness! But just wanted to pop in to say Hi.  :-)

*Updated to add:  Just found out this morning that my godbaby is a GodDaughter!!  :-)  I'm so excited. 

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