1 year pictures

With what happened to Brandy, I realized that I never shared any of Gwen's one  year pictures. So here are some of my favorites...

You can view them all HERE (password our last name in all lowercase).

I don't know what's going to happen with these now. I never got a chance to order any before she passed. These were just screen captured and saved off of the website. I don't know what her husband is going to do with this stuff, if anything... if he'll have someone else come in to sort it out, or just not do anything with it at all. And I am not going to ask! I'll definitely be sad though if I never get to have any of these pictures. She was a talented lady.

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  1. I just clicked over from my reader to tell you that second pic down is just perfection... but I see you already know that as it's gracing your sidebar. :-)

    I'm so sorry about your friend. It's always sad to lose someone, but it's especially hard when it comes in such an unexpected and untimely way.


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