Bullets for a busy day:

  • Gram is back in the hospital... pneumonia? nope. beginnings of congestive heart failure? not sure. in check for the moment? thankfully! 
  • Approached work with An Idea. crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, etc... but trying not to get too hopeful in case it doesn't work out. don't want to be disappointed, but man do I want "this." Hopefully I'll be able to expand on this soon, because that would mean they said yes! 
  • Not sure when exactly it happened, but Gwen is now walking most of the time. Sometimes she falls, and will crawl the last few steps, but 90% of the time she's walking places. Its crazy to watch. She loves this bag that we use to carry her food and milk to daycare, and its the cutest thing watching her toddle around holding it out in one hand. I'll have to try to get a video.
  • Last day to enter my giveaway (win for you or someone you know that is pregnant/breastfeeding), and take advantage of the amazing promo coupon code Maternitique has offered. Good until the 14th. 
  • Daisy is out of her crate now all day. Our little stinker has calmed down enough that we can trust her to spend the day lounging on couches, chewing her giant bone, and not eating our things. I'm so proud of her.  :-)   That's always been what we wanted, it just took us a little longer to get there then we thought. She really is a good girl though.
More later! 

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