Oh Monday, Monday

Puppy love.

A busy Monday, and I'm trying to remember everything I need to get done. That includes leaving my computer on at the end of the day because tomorrow is my first day working from home!!!! I'm so excited and tonight I plan on perusing some recipes to pick a yummy one to cook tomorrow night. Yay yay yay! I seriously have about 2 dozen that I printed out, so I'm sure I'll find something great.

This weekend was a nice one. Gwen and I headed up to my parent's place on Saturday, where we hung out for a bit, then got my hair done before popping over to see my Gram. She's doing so much better now! The defibrillator, low-sodium diet, plus the neat oxygen machine she uses seems to really have turned her around. My Aunt and Uncle were down visiting from New Hampshire, so it was great to see them too. They all loved watching Gwen play...

She made herself right at home in my Gram's pots and pans cabinet!

We headed home (with Gwen's new toy chest in tow... a belated birthday gift from my parents, which I'll have to snap a picture of... its pretty), Gwen sleeping hard the whole way, after a tiring day with lots of playing. I absolutely love that she gets to see her grandparents and great grandmother every month.

That evening we went out to dinner at the Red Lob.ster. Say what you will about the place, but the food was yummy, it was inexpensive thanks to a coupon, and it is VERY family friendly! We never once felt like we had to shoosh Gwen (though she was actually great), and we all enjoyed a really good meal. Gwen tried fish for the first time and seemed to like it. She also mastered drinking water from a straw.

Sunday we had no formal plans... which was nice. Gwen joined me for a shower in the morning.

We went for a drive to pick some skis up in the afternoon (old ones... Trav is collecting them to make a table and benches for Gwen). Gwen napped the whole way, and we selected "find an alternate route" on our GPS for the ride home, skipping 95 and taking some smaller roads. It was really nice and I'm going to do that more when we aren't in a rush to get somewhere.

Once home we went for a walk, enjoying the sun, though not the cold! Then it was home to with the in-laws. Gwen donned her still slightly too big, great Uncle David original, lovely purple sweater for the occasion.

Showin off the teeth!

He is a wonderful knitter!! This is one of two sweaters she's received from him and both are gorgeous!

We had a low-key evening, eating leftovers, then heading upstairs to get our PJs on. Lately we've adjusted bedtime a bit. Now we come upstairs after dinner, get her PJs on and diaper changed, brush teeth, then hang out in the computer room for a little bit... playing in a quiet, relaxed way until Gwen starts acting sleepy. Then its into the bedroom to read a book together (all three of us), then lights out, and I nurse her while singing her night-night song. Its been working pretty well to help her fall asleep a little faster, and she's been sleeping better at night to. Last night she woke once at 10:30, but I just rocked her to sleep (no nursing needed), and she slept until 5:30 when I brought her to bed with us for morning nursing and snuggles.

Here's a quick video I took during our playtime last night... she has been saying "baby" a lot lately (apparently the kids in the toddler room call her baby when she comes to play with them), and she also does this funny talking thing that I wanted to capture. Then end cracks me up to...  ;-)

How cute is she.  

On an unrelated note, I'm excited for a "green" purchase I made last night. This great reusable cup.

Its 16ozs (the size of a star.bucks grande) and made for hot drinks. I love me some star.bucks hot chocolate, and I'll admit that I get it more then I should. But my plan is to keep this at work. And if I want a SB treat, then I'll have to go up to my office first (instead of just popping in as I walk by)... and I'll be able to save the paper cup, plastic lid, and cardboard sleeve! Good for the environment, and by making me think extra about it (and walk more for it), I'm sure, good for my wallet and waistline.

And with that, I'm back to work!!

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  1. She is getting so big! Please tell great Uncle David that he can knit me a sweater anytime, beautiful! Enjoy working from home :-)


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