I woke up this morning, the same way I woke up yesterday morning, with a throat so scratchy and dry that I wanted to cry. Thankfully, besides a little bit of a runny nose, that seems to be the worst of it... and hot tea with honey seems to do the trick. I'm still rocking out the "phone sex" voice though!

This weekend was an interesting one. Lots of good playtime with Gwen... but Trav and I were at each other's throats all day Saturday. I think we both woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and misunderstandings abound. I kept crying on Saturday, unable to get unwound enough to handle any off comment with grace. By the end of the day, after a long walk (and another disagreement), we sat down outside, watched Daisy play with the neighbor's dog, and actually talked in a way that was productive (while Gwen toddled around us and clapped for the puppies). Thankfully we were all made up by Saturday night, had finally found some common ground to stand on, and had a really nice day yesterday. Though I didn't sleep well Saturday night at all, and I think that was why (ironic, since Gwen slept from 12 - 6... yet, I lay in bed awake until 2... ugh.).

In between fights, we did run some errands together, take walks, and Trav/we finished the bathroom (pictures below...). With the bathroom done, we were left with the big box the toilet came in. Well, I came downstairs at one point to find that Trav had been a bit crafty:

This one cracks me up... if you click to make it bigger, you can see her grinning behind the door.

(Sorry this one is so dark... its the only one I managed to grab of her leaning out the window, but the darn flash didn't go!)

Since then Trav used the cardboard stacked to the side there to also added a shelf inside, and hooks on the outside (for her to hang her coats on)! She LOVES her little house and pops in and out all the time. Its sweet. Also sweet is how much Trav loves that she loves it. He's a good dad.

And here is the finished (for now) bathroom:

Sunday I had to work... so Gwen and Trav hung out in the morning. They made my favorite pasta dish, which was waiting for me when I got home. Mmmm... the rest of the day was pretty low-key. We got free Rita's for the first day of Spring, and relaxed a bunch.

Despite the frustrations of Saturday, the weekend ended pretty nicely. And last night I was actually able to fall asleep! Here's hoping for more of that tonight.

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