All the carefully laid, by non-official plans we had for this weekend ended up being shelved. We were going to replace our bathroom floor, but Trav got only a row into removal of the old, cracked, dingy tile stuff when he realized that he wasn't just tired, he was sick. That also threw out the window the casual cocktail party a friend was having that night, and the family trip into the city to visit the Penn Museum and see some Chinese mummies. Poor guy had a fever, and tried to just spend the day resting.

I entertained Gwen with toys and a bath:
She loves to splash now and its really cute... although I've learned the hard way to lean back from the tub when she starts! Her eyes look a little red here, but that's just because her splashing was so exuberant that she kept getting water in her own eyes!

We also hid out in the computer room some, and gave the dog kisses: 

Then we took some naps:

Sunday we ran out to Jo.e's and the grocery store to pick up some treats and try to give Trav a few hours of no noise. He had slept until 11 (holy sleeping in batman!), and was feeling better, but still not great. I was able to get the last few ingredients for an interesting dish I wanted to try...

Any idea what this is?

This is raw veggie cereal! Sounds weird, right?
I thought so too at first... but its actually really tasty and you have to love starting your day with almost a full serving of veggies.

Recipe is as follows:
3 tablespoons raw pecans
3 peeled baby carrots
1/2 cup cauliflower
1/2 cup broccoli
1 large peeled, cored apple

Chop the pecans and carrots in a food processor. Pulse until all they are chopped into small pieces. Add the cauliflower, broccoli and apple and pulse again until all ingredients are chopped into pieces as small as you desire (I went very small).

Scoop a generous serving into a bowl; add cinnamon and milk (I used almond milk, to add a little extra sweetness).

It sounds weird and I was definitely, uh, wary... but it is really good! There's an occasional aftertaste of broccoli, but for the most part you just taste a mild cereal that takes on the sweetness of the almond milk with a little "spice" from the cinnamon. I've eaten it for breakfast yesterday and today, and really enjoyed it. I love that I am starting my day with veggies too. Try it!

I also put together a broccoli and cauliflower side dish, and made some yummy balsamic chicken. Tonight, fried rice!  :-)   Maybe I'm getting a little of my kitchen mojo back?

This week has been busy, but we have no events at work so the stress level is low. Thank goodness. I do have to get back to it though.

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