Things I've done this week:

- Read this blog entry, that says the things I've been feeling about Japan ("We go on, and it feels both wrong and right, simultaneously obscene and sacred.") and Brandy's death ("how many horrible months lie ahead before everything stops feeling wrong?") in far more lucid and poetic ways then I ever could.  
"In the midst of life we are in death, but it goes both ways, amen."

- Talked to my Gram, who got a defibrillator placed on Tuesday. She sounded so... tired. Hopefully after some rest, the defib will help with oxygenation issues. We'll see about the rest.

- Bought new lipstick for the first time in YEARS, in pretty new shades (one red, one pink), in "adult" brands. I'm excited to try them.

- Worked, worked, worked on logistics for our event this weekend. Its always hectic before one of these.

- Felt excited about things, then alternated right to overwhelmed. So much going on at the moment.

- Listened to my poor baby cough and cough.  :-(  But at least she is happy most of the time, and hopefully getting better. The coughing is still bad, but the episodes of coughing are spacing out a lot.

- Went out for sheppard's pie and ale for lunch on St. Patty's day. Unfortunately my coworkers were all in different stages of busy... so I went alone and sat at the bar. Which sort of made me feel old and tired and awkward and lonely.

- Enjoyed the amazing, beautiful early spring weather! Seriously, the past few days have been beautiful (its going to be 72* today!).

- Best: Today, haammering out the details with my boss, so that I can work from home one day a week (starting next week? the week after?)!! I'm so excited about this one and have high hopes it will really help me get some more balance... level this rollercoaster I'm letting myself be taken on just a little bit. I'll still have my full day of work, but with an hour - hour and a half of me time tacked onto the front and back (which is normally spent getting ready to leave and in transit). That's one day a week I'll be able to cook a long, involved dinner (soul nourishment!). One day a week I can easily run an errand before or after work. One day a week I can get laundry in the wash, or take the dog for a walk. One day a week I can work in my PJs if I want!

And on that positive note, I'm out!

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