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(Something light and pretty to break up the someone's sick, world disaster, etc etc posts!!)

Ever since Gwen was born, my hands have been pretty bare. I stopped wearing anything but my plain wedding band when I was home on maternity leave. I didn't have time for putting on rings in the morning, or the need, plus my engagement band sits a little high, and I was afraid of goring my brand new baby!!

It felt a little weird at first... I was used to rings, wedding and engagement rings on my left ring finger, a thick plain silver band (that was my mamacita's) on my right ring finger. After 12 weeks though, I was used to naked fingers. So, for the past 9 months, I've worn only my simple white gold wedding band, which I don't remove at all.

Well, that changed when I spotted the beautiful stacking rings offered by Olive Bungalow.

I couldn't pass those beauties up! Seriously, aren't they lovely?

I'm now the proud owner of two beautiful birthstone rings... one with my birthstone (the thicker ring, Peridot) and Gwen's birthstone (Amethyst). I love wearing something "for" Gwen everyday. I have my family necklaces that I wear... but they don't go with everything, and this ring does. I'm actually thinking about going back for another ring with Trav's birthstone (May) on it... because the color of her emeralds is so so lovely!!

There are 9 different band styles to chose from, and you can add whichever stone you want, in multiple sizes... so there is really something for everyone. 

Most days I just wear Gwen's... since its delicate and thin, and easier for my fingers to adjust to after being naked for so long! But I love that they stack so nicely for the days that I want to wear both.

I'm so glad I picked up these lovely rings... for a steal too. Check them out. And use code ND10 for 10% when you do!! (Shipping is always free over $75 too.)

If you do get something, let me know what you think! 

I received nothing in exchange for this review... I just really wanted to show off my pretty rings! All opinions in here are my own. Though Michele from OB was sweet enough to provide the 10% off code! 

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  1. Those are beautiful! I came across this site a while ago, they have some good items :)


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