our first tasty tuesday - a recap

I swear I have half a dozen posts swimming around my head that I keep not getting around to writing. Always there is something else from my day-to-day that I want to share. Today is no exception.

Yesterday was my first day working from home and it went great! We did our morning routine like usual. After Trav & Gwen left, I ate some breakfast... then I headed to the store. I had just a few things to pick up for the dinner I wanted to make that night. When I got home, I put everything away, headed upstairs with a big glass of milk and my phone, put away some clothes, and used the bathroom. Then it was time to start my work day. Yesterday ended up being a ton slower and quieter then I think it will normally be, since my boss was out sick, and I didn't have a lot on my plate otherwise. So I just did the work I had, checking my work email frequently... all while in my comfy clothes!  ;-)

Over lunch I ran out to grab some beer (for the beef), came home and threw the marinade together, then made myself a quick lunch. Then it was back to work. I signed off a little after 5, and had plenty of time to head downstairs to cook. For my first "tasty tuesday" I made (ETA: click the names for recipes!):

Beer-Marinated Flank Steak

with a side of Oven Roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan:

It turned out pretty darn good!
I was definitely pleased with my first work-from-home day, and look forward to doing it again next week.

For now though, back to work!

Ps. Check out this great article on breastfeeders coming in all looks and styles from the Leaky Boob. I think I would get along with her in real life.


  1. Did you do anything special to the cauliflower prior to roasting? A bit of olive oil? Temp? Length of time? It looks delicious!!

  2. Sorry, I meant to add that if you click the name, I linked them to the recipe. Enjoy!


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