Dems hold breath, Nation turns blue*

*from today's Metro... possibly my favorite headline ever.

I could spend all day talking about the election stuff... but I won't. Chances are you are either very excited right now, or very disappointed. I happen to be excited. There are certain decisions voted on across the nation that are not so good. But I'm thrilled to see more blue around... thrilled that the House is covered in it and hoping that the Senate will be too. We needed a change. I'm hopeful that this may start moving us in the right direction.

On another note. We finally got some of our pro pictures! So I would love to share with you. Here are just a few of the dozens of favorites we have (she took over 1300 pictures total).

In no particular order
(ignore the fact that some look blurry... that was a saving and uploading and transfering problem, not her pictures!):
My super handsome groom.


First dance.

Him reading his vows to me (which we didn't share beforehand), and me crying because they were so sweet!

Father/Daughter dance.

The Lehigh representation... spanning multiple generations!

The super fabulous and fun bridal party.

My ladies.

Brian and I... love that kid.

First time my papita saw me all dressed up.

With my new brother-in-law.

From L - R: Trav's brother, Andy, mom Barbara, Travis, me, Travis' sister-in-law, Megan, father John, and grandfather... the best man... Willy.

Gorgeous cake my aunt made us.

Us and my parents.

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  1. First I want to say is that you look stunning.

    Second-Philly has always been blue.

    Third. Stunning. really.


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