romeo and lafayette and getting old, oh my.

So uninspired lately. Life has been good, but time is just passing so quickly... it's hard for me to get up the "omph" to write about it all.

This past weekend was great. Friday night my brother ripped up the stage as Romeo. He did great. I really am so proud of him... especially considering that a few other students seemed to blow off their lines until too late in the game and you could really tell they were struggling. It was a shame for the half of the cast that really worked their asses off. Shakespear isn't easy for anyone to master, but it can be done with some hard work.

As I'm sure you are not surprised to learn... I didn't get a chance to download my pictures. So those will come later, but I think I got some good ones. And if i can figure out how to get it up here, I also got some video clips.

Saturday morning, way too early, we headed out to Lehigh so that Trav could attend the GLA (alumni association for his fraternity) meeting. I hit up breakfast with some friends, then headed up to the house. Travis had, still thinking himself a youngin', started drinking already. I played a few games of ruit with him... then we all headed upstairs to watch some football.
The game... well, to be quite honest, it sucked. This weekend was a BAD weekend for me when it comes to my football teams. We scored first... but Lafayette immediately responded, and then just kept going. We came back a little bit (I think in the second or third quarter), but it was all for not. We were done, trampled.

After that we relaxed with friends a bunch. Travis got rip-roarin' drunk. Then it was dinner time. We ate the later dinner (they have two formal meals for the alumni and brothers, very good food), and were done around 8:30. At that point Travis and I were both exhausted... we had only gotten about 6 hours of sleep the night before, and had gotten up early, not to mention adding some alcohol to the mix. So we headed down to the hotel and got into bed where we proceeded to sleep for around 11 hours!! I woke up a few times at first, when roommates came back and such... but that was fine because they all hit the sack pretty early too.

Sunday we woke up at a decent hour and headed to Ginny's for another breakfast. It's a tradition that whenever we are up there it is Ginny's time. That was our breakfast place all throughout college and the same people are still working there making the same great food.
The best part was that after a leasuirely breakfast, and a relaxed (no rush here) drive home, we were still back in plenty of time to settle in and watch the football games. Unfortunately for me, the Eagles game SUCKED (why McNabb, why?!)... but getting home was still nice.

This weekend really made me see how much has changed since college. Priorities are so different. I'm definitely loving "real life" more then college life. And I definitely can't drink or party like I used too. I didn't even drink much this weekend (and I felt fine) but just being around all the college students was too much for me after awhile. I really was exhausted Saturday night, but even if I hadn't been, I would have been thrilled to leave when we did. Even our friends, while they didn't come back to the hotel with us, did end up leaving the house not too long after to head to the bar and somewhere a little tamer (? quieter? just different? can't think of the right words here).

Anyway, its back to the real world now... and a thankfully short work week. Thursday we are off to my parent's for Thanksgiving. Heading back down here on Friday and enjoying the fact that we still have 2 more days of weekend left. Then next week... December already! The year is quickly drawing to a close and I can't believe how time has flown. Only 40 days left. This coming year is sure to bring many exciting things.

On another note... our good friend Jen is due any day now with her baby boy. We are so excited to get news about his arrival.
And for those that haven't heard... our good friend Brian, and his wife Stacey, are expecting their first in April. So Stacey is almost half-way there. Good luck to them both.

Okay, well that's about all I have for you right now. This day is flying and I have tons to get done. Ciao.


  1. Oh, rude cactus. You're never as rude as I expect you to be.

    Tell Trav to get "faced" while he can, because babytime means sobertime...word.

    The Titans are starting to pull things together. Aside from the blowout gainst Jacksonville a couple of weeks ago, they seem to be on the right track. Eagles...not so much. I saw the VandenBosch hit on McNabb and it didn't look that bad. Just bad luck I guess.

  2. I saw the VandenBosch hit on McNabb and it didn't look that bad. Just bad luck I guess.

    Yea, ditto that.
    Trav was saying... "man it stinks that you lost McNabb", almost as soon as they carted him off the field. But looking at that hit I though he would be back next week. I guess it was just the exact "right" hit to do the damage. Grr.


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