monday i've got friday on my mind...

Honestly, the plumber's news wasn't better or worse then what i was hoping for, but I'm not sure I liked what he had to say. I'm calling someone else, this warrents a second opinion. If nothing else, something about him rubbed me the wrong way. (Perhaps the big debate him and his "I really don't want to be here so I'm going to sit down every chance I get" apprentice got into about the Vietnam War... um, guys, THE LEAK!) So I'll call and we'll see. Either way, it looks like our timetable for the taking out of tiles and the adding of some new wall covering for our shower has gotten pushed up to sometime in the next month-ish(?). A big bump up from that mythical "sometime" in the future.

I'm a little excited about that... our bathroom needs some help.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was fine. I went to Home Depot to investigate some shower and bathroom floor options. Then to Target, to spent the rest of our gift cards (our sleeping bags and a clock for the bathroom). Then on to JCPennys, where they were having a mega sale (unfortunately the slipcovers were completely picked over, and I wasn't digging any of the bedding... and as for clothes, bleh). And yesterday I cleaned... all day. I didn't go out once, except to take the trash to the can in our backyard! Redid Henry's cage, put a bunch of stuff into the basement, rearranged the living room a bit to get the five crates full of videos and DVDs out of the way (definitely need to get another bookshelf!). Things will look pretty good once we get the slipcovers (or christmas gifts to each other) on, and put all the DVDs/Videos away.

Today feels like it has a touch of autumn to it. It's chilly, but there is something nice in the air. One more hour of work, and I can head home to enjoy it.

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