here i am

Busy lately, and when not busy, lazy.

Got my hair redyed this weekend, then went to a party at Slink & Lindsey's new abode. Very nice. I don't normally drink a lot. I don't normally get drunk. But this weekend was a rare time of Travis being the designated driver... so I drank a *ahem* little more then normal.
It was good though. A great party and I got to see a bunch of people that I haven't seen for a while. And Travis got me home safe and sound. :-)

Sunday was a lazy day for me. Watched TV, Ro & Pat came over to witness my Eagles beating their 'Skins (finally!). Poor Travis had to work, again. I feel bad for my boy.
I put our new pillows out on the couch, and they look great! It's all about the little thrills. Lol.

Yesterday was work, our yearly heater maintenance (at home), and then relaxing until Trav got home. Yesterday was one month, and I can't believe how the time has flown.

Honestly things are good. There is some stress because of owning an old home. Right now it seems like we are just surrounded by things that are past their prime and desperately need to be replaced. Of course, that all takes money and we aren't exactly rolling in it. We obviously have prioritized what needs to be done vs. what we want to get done, but still... its hard to think about all the work ahead of us. And harder to think about how we can't just dive into it.
Before the wedding when someone asked us what we wanted for a birthday or christmas or something... the answer was most likely something for the wedding. Now the answer will be stuff for the house... either stuff off of our registry, or gift cards to Home Depot!!

What I really want is a house that feels like home. I'm comfortable in our house, don't get me wrong... but it is still so much the previous owners. Eventually I would like to have painted all of the rooms, replaced or removed all of the carpet, replace the flooring in both kitchen and bath, remove the tiling from the bathroom walls, get a new washer/dryer and kitchen appliances, add cabinets and a dishwasher to the kitchen, replace the sink, and redress all the windows.
You know, just a few things.

Right now though, all we need to worry about is the new walling for our shower, and maybe getting a new floor in there (since the current one is crappy cracked, pulling up, and dingy tiles). Next would probably be the sink in the kitchen... since it is probably going to be easier to replace the sink (possibly with one that we can actually wash our large pots in!), then to fix the weird leak it has developed. And what I need to remind myself is that every repair we do to our house increases its value.

On another note, today is a big (long) day at work. Our annual fundraising dinner event is tonight... so it will be a late night and a busy one. Hopefully everything will go smoothly (it always does), and it will be a relief when it is over.

Okay, back to work. Ciao!

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