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So many pictures I want to show you guys... here's hoping they will all load up!

Our bathroom...
The bathroom walls are currently covered with this pinkish almond colored tiling that goes up to about 6 feet(ish?), then funny wallpaper stuff the rest of the way.
These aren't new pictures, but they were taken when we moved in and the main stuff hasn't changed!
We never liked it, but it wasn't a top priority. Well, the tiling and the stuff holding the tiling in place is old... and we've started to have some problems with loose tiles, and some leaking around our knobs in the shower. So, instead of paying to fix something that we hate... we decided to look at other options for our shower walls.

Last night we had a meeting with a guy from a bath/shower company that works with Home Depot. After careful consideration, we decided to go with them and made all of our selections for our new walling (our current tub is great... no updating needed). I am so damn excited. We'll probably make our appointment for late January or so... and then our shower walls will look like this:

How great is that! I'm majorly excited not only about how great it will look, but about how much easier to clean it will be, and how we will have the new knob system in place instead of the old three knob system. :-)

Here is a closer look at the color/design (it's not as purple-like as it looks above... a mix of grey-blue, cream, tan, and white):
Now picture our old bathroom, but with the new shower walls... and then maybe some flooring like one of these (the first is my favorite!):

And eventually (not right away, but definitely in the near future) with all of the rest of the tiling removed, and the walls/vanity something in this color scheme:
It will be a whole new bathroom! :-)

It feels so great to be able to take this bigger step in the right direction!! So much got pushed aside because of the wedding, and now we really want to pay down the mortgage and build up the savings. But this is a nice way to make a big change, without breaking the bank. There really is so much that we want to do, and this is a great start.

And happy days for blogger being on my side today!

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