and its going to get messy


Looking forward to the weekend as always. Babysitting the quads and little Sammy tomorrow, should be nice. But today, today is crazy!

Conference for work monday and tuesday. But not one of our normal conferences, one for a center within our institution. They are good at what they do, but what they do is not plan conferences!! Meaning we are left with a ton of work to get done today to ensure that they don't look like asses come monday.

It also means leaving my boy Sunday night to come into the city and spend the night here so that I can be up bright and early to set up and troubleshoot. Not thrilled.

Still, it should be a nice weekend.

Hopefully I'll hear some news from Jen soon... she was due last Sunday. I talked to her tuesday and she was still pregnant (and not happy about that!), but I haven't seen her online or heard from her in a few days now. The suspense is killing me! Baby time?

Well, I have to get to it... have a great weekend all.

Oh, and I can't forget... rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!! Welcome to December.

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