First a few random bits and pieces... then to the real stuff.

Not in the Holiday spirit yet? Check out these snowflakes from Julie of A Little Bit Pregnant. She has had "some trouble" getting pregnant, and staying pregnant (look back and read her first pregnancy story to know what kind of understatement that just was)... so that should help the snowflakes make a bit more sense!

Secondly, there is a site I check out almost daily, which is just wonderful and all about appreciating a woman's body (specifically a mother's body) no matter what the shape is. They also apparently have a cafe press shop, and have some great shirts/buttons/etc... which I may grab eventually, but I definitely wanted to share with you.

Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled blather.
We are exactly 2 weeks from Christmas. Two. Weeks. From. Christmas. Holy crap. Normally I am so all over this stuff, but this year, this year I feel so unprepared and a bit panicy about the impending holidays. Excited for the holidays themselves, not ready for the exchanging of gifts and the seemingly inevitable "holy crap I forgot someone." Sh*t.

We did make Christmas cookies this weekend (very fun and festive), and break out our Christmas items... sure they are still sitting in boxes in the living room, but they are out of the basement and ready for use.

We also hit up Travis' work Christmas party on Friday, which was also fun and festive. We got to dress nice and enjoy free food/drinks. Good times. I have a picture... not right now, but on my camera ready to share. Shocking, right?

Otherwise it was a very nice and lazy weekend. Just what the doctor ordered. Especially since Trav has to work until un-G*dly hours tonight, Wednesday, and Friday. Urgh, urgh, and double urgh.

This year has been amazing! Obviously! But I'm ready for it to be over, and ready for the fresh start of a new year. Nothing is really different when the clock pushes over to 12:01, but it some how feels different.

So, while blogging I was also at and can check someone else off my list... whoo!

Okay, I'm outta here!

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