home sweet home, the friday edition

It's so nice to be at home. To wake up when I want to wake up. Ahhhh.... :-) Happy Happy Megan.

Yesterday was good. The day was a bit long and boring, but we headed to dinner with Brian and Stacey last night and had a really nice time. Stacey and her belly are so cute. She is 22 weeks now, and they just had an ultrasound (everything looks great)... they stuck to their guns and didn't find out the sex, so it's still a mystery! Dinner was good, then we hung out and talked and watched a movie. It was freezing out and actually flurried for a bit after dinner, but it didn't stick so the ride home was just fine.

Today has been lazy so far... I slept in until 10ish (my body really wanted that sleep!), watching some TV, making some brunch. There are a few things I want to do.... but kind of don't want to really do anything! We'll see what happens. Maybe some straightening/cleaning. Maybe not! ;-)

I have a whole list of things that I want to get done eventually... but they are all bigger things that involve buying some supplies. So they won't get done right now. Maybe I can start working on a shopping list for them though. Hmm....

Tonight is Trav's work Christmas party. Should be fun. He has great coworkers, so I'm sure it will be a good time. And this weekend should be relaxing. Trav is home, and we'll probably head to Willy's tomorrow.

Well, have a great weekend!

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