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Did some shopping yesterday and feel 100% better about the quickly approaching holidays. I think I'm about done with my Christmas shopping. I also got half of our Christmas cards done last night and mailed them today (pretty good considering I worked late last night and then wrapped all the gifts I bought). The other half should get done tonight or tomorrow, and out by Thursday. We used regular boxed cards and added a message on the inside. Next year I think I will definitely get a photocard made, have a message printed on it, and then just sign our names. It's A LOT of work to hand write a message in each card... especially when I really do want to say the same thing to most people... "Have a great Christmas and we hope you truly enjoy all the season has to offer." If I get something like that printed, then those we want to say more to (like Jen and Eric this year, had to wish them a delightful first Christmas with baby!) we can just write that bit of extra. Is that horrible? But they will all be personally signed!
Plus that will give me an excuse to get a fun picture with Trav.

Maybe something a bit artsy, like this:
from the Dooce...

Or like this one from LehighBaby:
And maybe by then we will have a puppy or something to add to the picture.

Either way it will be so much better.

One final note, then back to work... a huge Good Luck wish to my Hoser
She is in her first year of law school and finals start today. I know she will kick some ass because she is smart, a hardworker, and devoted to her dream. But I know she is nervous, so I wanted her to know that everyone is pulling for her!

Love you hoser!

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  1. I'll get back to you on that one... Travis isn't exactly the most photogenic person ever. ;-)


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