if we took a holiday (oh yea, oh yea), took some time to celebrate (cel-a-brate)

This morning I started on a hugely long end of the year wrap up and review post.... because I was feeling reflective. It's long already, real long... it might have to be split into two parts. Start looking forward now to Here's Looking at You 2006, Part One: The World View, and Here's Looking at You 2006, Part Two: The Me View.

Today was a fast fast day. Probably because we had our Holiday Lunch/Party today, and that cut out a huge chunk of time in the middle of the day. It was fun. Good food, good company, time at work but not on work. :-) What's not to love.
It's already 4, so less then an hour to go, and I'm looking forward to getting home and finishing off those Christmas cards (yea, that didn't happen last night). Also looking forward to the train ride home... I'm finally reading the DeVinci Code and it is great so far. I can see what the hype is about.

Okay, work to be done. Ciao!

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