the santa charade

Okay, yea, enough with the poems... I'm thinking that no one was really excited about them, and I got a bunch of my favorites... so I'll take a break from that.

Right now I have babies on my mind. Trav & I are waiting a few years... there are things we want to do first - house repairs, travel, saving... but sometimes it's hard to remember that when I'm looking at pictures of my friend's adorable new baby boy (Here), or looking at my other friend's baby bump (she's about 24 weeks)!

Also, since it is the holidays I am thinking about Christmas and babies together (especially after reading this post). So let me get your opinion on something:
Santa is something that I have thought about lately, specifically whether or not to include him in our future Christmas traditions. I have fond memories of Santa Christmas moments, but what I really remember, and what really matters/mattered was the fun traditions we built as a family and the time together on the holidays. I don't want to deny my future children, but I wonder if it will be worth it to mantain the charade? Or maybe it would be better just to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas from the beginning and build family traditions that won't be changed when they are too old to believe in Santa?
I know that the two don't have to be mutually exclusive, and either way my kids are going to know in the end that Santa is most of an idea then a person, and that he stands for giving etc. But I'm just wondering if Santa is worth it.

Obviously, in the end this is something that Trav and I will have to decide on together, but... Any thoughts?

On a completely seperate note, who here has switched to the new blogger? What do you think?
I can't seem to post a comment on any of the blogs that I have seen switched over (as noted by a different look to the comment buttons and the tags on your posts), I don't want to have that problem with my blog, but then... maybe its just me.


  1. I guess I could go all three directions on this issue. We went with Santa, as you know, and it's been fine, except Rachel never wanted Santa near her. She liked the idea of him bringing presents, though, and Christmas has always been a wonderful experience for her.

    But I think it would have been fun without it, too.

    I think there is a lot of pressure in our society to do Santa.

  2. Go with Santa. He already has all the Cartoons and stuff so you won't have to draw your own. and that way you won't have to explain why your kids are the only ones around who do not have Santa.


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