it's amusing because...

I went back this afternoon and reread the entry I wrote last night... because I remembered writing it, but couldn't for the life of me, remember anything that I had actually written!! I was that tired... things were already fuzzy.

But I slept like I was dead last night. It was good, and another night of that will be even better. Travis doesn't work tonight, so we should actually be able to spend sometime together and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. Plus there is my friday off this week... which is also nice and will also be much enjoyed.

Today finished off well (the second day of the conference). And it is over, which makes it even better. It's weird how different the days feel, just by changing my morning routine. I'm at the office now, but it feels like I should just be starting my day... and I actually have less then an hour to go. Not that I am complaining!

I just bought myself a new book from amazon. "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. I'm actually very excited to read it! Has anyone else read this? If so, what did you think?

Now something completely random.
I would like to pose a question and see what some other opinions are on this subject. I have a tattoo in mind that would really like to get... that I have wanted for a while now. Travis doesn't really care either way. He figures my body, my choice... and I would use Christmas money for this. Also, this would be my 6th, so it's not like it would be a real adjustment for either of us. But here is where the disagreement (for lack of a better word) comes in. I would like to get said tattoo on my forearm.
He argues that all of my other tattoos are very easy to cover, even with a short sleeved shirt (two on back, one on tummy/hip area, one on each ankle/lower leg)... and that he worries about how this one might affect me in the future.
I argue that while what he says is true, I do show off tattoos at work whenever I wear a skirt... and no one has a problem with it. And I know I surely won't be working here forever, but tattoos are so much less taboo now then they used to be, and this would still be easy to cover with a normal work shirt in case someone did have a problem with it.
He argues that it is winter and i might feel differently about this in the summer.
I say chances are, if it was a place that worried about seeing tattoos then chances are they are a place that has a more rigid dress code then I deal with right now.... and I wouldn't be wearing short sleeved (polo) shirts to work anyway. And worst case senario, I want to wear short sleeves, I cover it with foundation.

So, what do you think? I'm not saying that I will or won't change my mind, but I am interested to hear what others have to say.

In the meantime, back to work for me. Ciao!


  1. Don't do it. The tattoo on the forearm is not a good thing for many reasons.

    1. No matter what stage in life you are right now...ten years from now you won't be at that same spot. I mean this from a practical standpoint as well as a artistic standpoint (meaning what the tattoo looks like)
    2. It will distract people from looking at your face. Seriously. And you are very attractive so why take that away from people.
    3. Tattoos should be treated like and accessory to the whole body image. Ones that can be covered easily and conveniently are good becasue they are the accessory. Ones that require work to cover are bad.
    4. The money could be spent on something better. Say the average Tattoo cost 300 to 400 bucks...that is like 10 to 15 haircuts. which changes the look of you.

    Just so you know I have a tattoo and so does my wife.

  2. My concern has always been (to bill's 1st point) will i love this thing in 5 years? Aesthetics change and that is a good thing in general (otherwise I'd still have a butt-cutt and a tight roll), a bad thing with ink. Here is the deal, everyone I know that has more than...say...4 tattoos has had at least one cover-up job. INK WITH CAUTION!!!

    That wasn't the issue though. The issue is forearm vs less conspicuous area. To this I say...nothing.

    SHAME ON YOU!! Newlyweds trying to get strangers in the middle of your debates. If you want my real opinion, I think you and Travis should both get my name on your privates. xoxo

  3. I don't think that you should get one on your forearm, but I also don't have a tatoo, so I am kind of biased against them. Although, Brenna seems to love my sister megan's that is on her wrist.
    Ummm...don't do it. Save the money for tile or decorating your future "new" bathroom! Or if you really need another, put it on the bottom of your foot!

  4. Maybe I should clarify that money isn't the issue... I would be using Christmas money that was specifically for me to spend on something fun. And it won't be anywhere near what some of you might think... maybe $120.


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