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This weekend was so fast, and today was so long. I probably saw Travis a total of 6 hours this whole weekend between our random work schedules (I babysat the Quads! And their little brother! And their blind dog!). Today was a big conference at work so I headed into the city last night to spend the night. I walked to the train station, a mile... pulling a bag and carrying a purse... not my favorite but good exercise. I ended up not sleeping that well either, making today so much harder as I woke up feeling rather ill and with a headache. I was feeling better after drinking some tea and taking some tylonal... and yes, barfing. Just once.
I'm starting to feel it a bit again tonight. Getting tired, and it makes the blahs come back. But the day went well and tomorrow will be good too, and then it is back to normal... although I will get friday off!

And then I got to find out the news I've been waiting on!
Jonathan Karl (Jen's baby boy) is here!

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Born Tuesday November 28th, 2006 at 5:06 PM
7lbs 5oz

Isn't he a cutie?! I'm so excited for her.

On another note, I took a trip down memory lane this evening and checked out some of my old entries from this year.

First, an old meme... redone!

I AM: Meegs... no more, no less.
I WANT: to turn fix up our house so we can enjoy it while we are here.
I WISH: we could afford a a single house with a bigger backyard, somewhere more rural... more like home.
I HATE: my job sometimes. feeling sickly.
I MISS: summers by my Babwa's pool.
I FEAR: being stagnant.
I HEAR: Miami Ink!
I WONDER: what the future holds, where we will be in 20 years... when I will get to be a mommy.
I REGRET: not returning that one email. sorry pappy.
I AM NOT: perfect... not even close to perfect. i'm also not sorry, for being who I am.
I DANCE: to celebrate and to "get away"... not as often as I would like.
I SING: loudly, in the car and the shower, to lots of music... to feel free.
I CRY: softly, at night, and in the shower... and not nearly as much as I used to!
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in the mood for you.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: loving gestures and good foods.
I WRITE: less then I want too.
I CONFUSE: what i want, with what i need.
I NEED: love. understanding. hope. a place to feel at home.
I SHOULD: focus more on now, enjoy single days.
I START: lots of things...
I FINISH: most of them.
I TAG: all of you... try this, it feels good.

And an old silly survey.
A Little About Me:
Favorite male hunk.....Travis... ;-) Colin and Johnny
Favorite female Angie.
Favorite position....on the bottom.
Favorite restaurant....anything with Italian or Sushi.
Who do you love....TRAVIS! And all my family and friends.
Favorite picture....Most of our wedding shots. They are all just so great.
Favorite memory....Our whole wedding day. Everyone there. So much love.
Wedding song...."You're My Best Friend" by Queen
Anniversary....Oct. 13th
Babies....eventually. And I can't wait!
Perspective boy names....Gabrial John, Benjamin Jack
Perspective girl names....Gwenivere Barbara/Mae
favorite alcoholic drink(s)....port or malibu.
Red or White wine....most of the time, white... but both can be good.
Pets....Henry, the crab. :-) Hopefully a doggie soon.
Current vehicle....Toyota Echo. Great car.
Favorite color(s), turquois, really dark red.
Favorite movie(s)....Too many to list!
Favorite word....burgundy
When I have time....I love to read a good book, get some extra sleep, and snuggle with my hubby.
Phrase that discribes you....vivacious little lady, in a bitchy bootilicious bod.


Okay, that's enough blabbing for now. I'm going to sleep, and hopefully feeling all better in the morning. Night!

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