Back to work...

First and foremost... Happy Birthday Patrick!!!

Seen here with Trav.

Hope your day is all that and then some. :-)

Thursday Ro & Pat are coming over for dinner... so we'll get a chance to celebrate with them, which should be fun.

So how was Christmas?! Ours... well, it was great having some time with Trav on Friday, and Saturday I went up to see my Babs which was so much fun. We spend some time talking and shopping and went out to eat with her parents at Smokey Bones in Reading, which was (and always is) so good. Sunday morning Trav and I exchanged Christmas gifts. He had already given me the slipcovers... but he also gave me the set of tupperware I had wanted and the most beautiful necklace (pictures to come)! I was so surprised. I got him an ice cream ball (long story!), and tickets to see Spamalot this coming spring. That afternoon we headed up to my parents and had a really nice Christmas Eve. My mom had cooked a great dinner of turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and stuff and corn and broccoli... etc etc! There were tons of deserts (she even made a traditional plum pudding!) and we watched Christmas movies, hung our stockings, and decorated the tree.

Christmas day... well I'll start with the good. My brother Ethan and my dad also loved their tickets to see Spamalot, and are very excited for it to come. Ethan got me the best earrings... little real origami swans. Very beautiful and unique. My parents got me lots of fun little things... some sweaters, a scarf, gloves, a cami, etc. I couldn't have been happier.

Now the bad part. I was so sick!! I had a horrible stomach bug that completely wiped me out. I'm still not completely back to normal... I'm tired and nauseous today. But Christmas day was the worst! (Warning: TMI to follow) I had diahrea, nausea, vomiting... and by the end of the day hadn't really managed to drink any liquids (and what I did drink didn't stay down), so I was dehydrated which lead to horrible muscle cramps and aches (mostly in my legs and back). It was so horrible. And since we were at my parents, I had to deal with the 1.5 hour ride home. Travis was wonderful and did what he could for me... but it was a lot of just sticking it out (for him and me!). We went to bed around 9:30... but I woke up at 12, 2, 3, 5, 8, then finally got up at 11. A little rough.

Yesterday was better, luckily I had off... so I tried to get some extra sleep and relax a lot. I constantly had a cup of something next to me and even though I was still nauseous, I was able to eat some chicken noodle soup and drink lots of liquids. It was a very lazy day, mostly just laying around and watching TV, but I did manage to hang a few more pictures. We went to bed at 9:30-10ish again last night, and I had a hard time falling asleep... but once I was asleep... I was done for the night!

Now it is back to work. Like I said, still nauseous, but I think it's good that I got out of the house. I brought more chicken noodle soup for lunch and hopefully that will make me feel even better. Plus, with Friday off for the New Year, I only have a two day work week. I think I can deal with that. Hopefully I will feel back up to par tomorrow or Friday.

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    congrats on your wedding. I finally wrote something. thanks for still having my blog on your links list.



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