weekend roundup

So much to write!

This weekend was really nice. Thursday Trav and I slept in a little, then headed up to my parents. We enjoyed a very casual "grazing"-type lunch with lots of finger foods (mini pesto pizza slices, veggies, meats, cheeses, crackers, dips, etc.), and relaxed until dinner time. We had a nice big early dinner.... turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, stuffing... the works. It was great and we all ate too much. After that there was hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, cookies, cupcakes, and crunchy homemade cinnamon rolls. Trav ended up falling asleep (or into a food coma as we like to call it) around 8!

The next day Trav woke up around 5ish to head out shopping (he's crazy!)... leaving the rest of us to sleep for a bit. We headed home around 11, making a pit stop at the Ikea in Plymouth Meeting to check out bookshelves. We ended up finding a great one the fit perfectly with what we needed... which was a place for all of Travis' movies.

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This kid has a sickness... there are all those movies... plus all of these movies:
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(Ignore the mess in front, that's in transition.) Plus more that are hidden away!

I did get a little room to put what I thought were some nice touches.
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Shelf with our unity candle and two frames that will hold wedding pictures when we get them (and that is a copy of our invitation on the right side of the left frame).

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On top, a nice vase (thanks hoser) and our cake topper... our initial, H.

I was so excited to get it all set up and now we no longer have tons of crates all over our living room. Slowly but surely!

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing. I basically bummed around a lot. Trav unfortunately did have to work. We did take some time to start going through our pictures though, so hopefully we will have our album shots picked out soon.

Anyway, the weekend really was great. Thanksgiving is the second of my three favorite holidays, and it always puts me in a good mood and makes me think of all the positive things in life. This is true for a lot of people. Halcyon is one of my daily reads, and he apparently had some of the same sentimental feelings.
Every moment of my life, BOTH the following statements are true.:
ONE: "My life is difficult. I struggle in relationships and finance. I fall short of my potential. I am insecure and undisciplined. I am doomed to fail"
TWO: "My life is blessed. I learn more about myself every day. Every moment is another opportunity to experience love and the miracles of this planet. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Everything will work out."

(From this post.) Honestly, he brought tears to my eyes. Who can't relate to having that diconamy in their life, of their positive and negative sides. I know that I also have to work on focusing on my statement two.

In other news, I have a video to share with you from my brother's performance as Romeo. To explain a few things first:
  1. It was taken with my digital camera which has an option to catch video clips. It is by no means a great video! I apologize for the poor picture and sound quality... but it at least gives you an idea.
  2. They did a "new version" of Romeo and Juliet.... modern clothes, modern weapons, but same language and story. Hence the t-shirt and jeans.
  3. My bro is awesome. ;-) Okay, I guess that's all... just had to preface.

And here are a two pictures. I think my camera is finally getting a little "old and tired". It simply does not like taking pictures without the flash anymore! But here we go anyway.

This first one turned out blurry.. but it is a pretty good shot of the amazing backdrop they painted. My bro, Romeo and Benvolio.

Here is one of Romeo and Juliet, dancing at the masked ball.
Hopefully all the media will come through okay.

Oh, and this is completely unrelated (and a little NSFW) check out this video... put out by Planned Parenthood to educate about how pregnancy occurs. And yes, you are seeing things clearly... it is narrated by an animated penis and vagina.

Well, I think that was all I wanted to share for now... I really have to get to work! Ciao!

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