My Perfect:

Today is a lazy day... no real post, but just these two quick items.

I stole this from Jenette over at Musings. Enjoy.

Day: A crisp sunny fall day just warm enough to wear a light sweater... spent camping with friends in the middle of the woods. With plenty of marshmellows, hot dogs, and some hot chocolate and maybe spiced wine.

Job: I would really love to be a researcher for a old professor, studying Asian cultures and helping him write a nice long paper. Anyone know anything like this?!

Food: Anything creamy and cheesey and garlicy... pasta (tortalinis or raviolis) with a nice alfredo, maybe a good basil pesto.

Color: Blue.

Date: Oct.13... :-) But I don't think that's what they meant. Well, perfect date... I never really went on many, but I guess a nice dinner followed by a walk under the moonlight.

Book: I can't pick just one book!! I love so many. Mysteries are my fav. Hmm... really any of the Harry Potter books, any of the Kay Scarpetta books by Patricia Cornwell, any of the Spenser books by Robert Parker, or the Eve Duncan books by Iris Johansen.

Life: Hmm.... my perfect job, with Travis as my husband... less worries about money, and a newer house. Some kids too. Basically any life where I feel loved and satisfied.

Word: Burgundy.

Ending: The Happy one.

And this was stolen from Barry at Chattababy.

Get your ass out there today and VOTE! It's what makes this country great... the ability to let your voice be heard. So say something!


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