varied feelings on this weather

It feels gorgeous out... warm, nice breeze... but it is muggy, and so dark that it looks like nighttime (it's only a little after 3!). They gave us a flash flood warning, a tornado warning, and a wind damage warning... but so far there have only been a few sprinkles. Haven't seen any lightning or heard any thunder.

We'll just have to wait and see what the evening brings.

In case you were wondering, the big event on Tuesday went great. Everyone was pleased and those that worked on it even more pleased that it was over! Dr. Krauthammer was our guest of honor and speech giver, and what I got to hear was good. Most of the talk though, was spent putting finishing touches on things outside the room...
Afterwards we went to the hotel bar to have a drink in celebration. I had a wonderful 10-year-old Tawny port. Mmm.

Yesterday was pretty quiet since we were all busy playing catch up. Then another quiet night at home without Trav.

Tonight... we have some people coming over to look at our shower and talk about what we can do to replace the tiling with something better, newer, easier to clean. Hopefully that will go well and they won't quote some huge, unrealistic price.

No matter what they say, I'm still looking forward to tonight because Travis will be there.

Before I forget... a huge Happy Birthday to Laura (who's birthday was yesterday... but as I never managed to find my way here yesterday....). She is a amazing lady, at one point a great boss, now a good friend, and I wish her the best for another great year.
Here she is about 20wks along with Sammy
(so obviously this is not a recent picture as Sam is 1 and a half already, but hey, it's what I could find on this computer).

And now, I have some work to get done.

Ps. It's raining now, though not too hard... we'll see where this goes.

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